Android 13-New Enterprise Features

Android 13’s latest features help to boost Android Enterprise business with its new enhanced security upgrades to protect users’ privacy, easier ways to manage work and personal profiles, and user controls and platform improvements. So, let’s explore more into each of these areas:

Enhanced Security and Privacy

The integrated security and privacy settings page offers enhanced data privacy and security of a device. For example, the new feature Lost Mode and Stay Private on Work Wi-Fi, i.e., if Lost Mode is activated, admins can lock down and locate company-owned devices. This helps to avoid illegal access and display company contact data on the device screen.

Private Mode on Work Wi-Fi feature helps to enhance employee privacy by encrypting and routing network traffic for personal profiles when employees are on company Wi-Fi.

Separate Work and Personal Apps

The work profile allows to maintain company data secure, and personal profile data private and separate on a single device. These features help to customize any of your personal profile’s system settings as per the requirement without affecting the settings in your work profile. The two main notable enhancements in Android 13 are as follows:

  • Near-field communication (NFC)  can be used from work apps to enable use cases such as digital access badges and tap-to-pay from work profiles.
  • Work profile offers employees a sleek experience, simpler design, new cross-device capabilities, improved customization, and data encryption.

Quick Navigation on Work Profile

It enables easier navigation between work and personal profiles more spontaneously in a single tap. Users can set up and open the required apps either through work or personal profiles, but accessing data on a profile will keep things restricted. For example, YouTube training videos saved in work profile mode will not show up in personal profile mode. It also allows users to switch between work and personal snap galleries when sharing pictures with an app, granting access only to selected files rather than their entire media library. This will let users maintain things separate by having separate galleries.

New Rules Help to Save and Optimize Battery Life

Many new sets of rules and restrictions feature designed for background battery usage and to keep your phone running for longer. Among them is a system notification that will show an alert message, if an app uses excessive power in the background.

Notification Runtime Permissions

The feature allows the user to grant this permission first before your app can post any notification. This helps users focus on the notifications that are most important and can grant this runtime permission for the required application to show unrestricted notifications.

Enterprise Unique Deployment Enhancements

  • Extra Provisioning Allow Offline: It allows enrollment of Android devices in completely closed networks. If you are using the QR code method for enrollment, you need an additional flag to the QR code.
  • Extra Provisioning Keep Screen On: It allows the device screen to be active during provisioning.
  • Extra Provisioning Use Mobile Data: It is a Boolean setting that allows the device to be provisioned using mobile data, or not.

Android’s developer site for more details on provisioning.

Thus, with each notable feature, Android Enterprise’s security protections gain new management capabilities, dynamic work experiences, and enhanced granular security and privacy controls for better on-device protection.

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