Create a free portfolio website – Part 2

This is Part 2 of creating a free portfolio website. In the last blog, I explained how you can get a free domain from freenom. In this part, I will provide you with some free professional HTML and CSS portfolio templates.

NOTE: Do not remove the credit link from the footer of the templates

Finding professional HTM and CSS templates for free is hard, some templates will be outdated and some of them are do not fit your portfolio or small business website. So I have searched for some good professional templates. You can download them and use them in your portfolio or websites. Understanding HTML and CSS would be great because you can customize more and do the design changes.

If you know HTML and CSS very well then you can create your HTML and CSS design to your needs and host it, otherwise, you can download free templates and do the required changes.

You can search and download other templates from themezy and templateflip for free. I will mention a few templates for portfolios

Super Folio

Super Folio is a professional and modern HTML and CSS template made for freelancers and creative professionals. This responsive design portfolio website template is perfect for showcasing your work, skill and portfolio projects.

Download and Live Demo:

Material Resume

Material Resume is a resume template for professionals who want to showcase their work experience, projects and education. This free HTML template is perfect for job seekers to showcase their skills, work experience, education and portfolio.

Download and Live Demo:

Right Resume

Right Resume is also a free HTML template with your basic details, skills, work experience, education and portfolio fields. It is also a great template for job seekers and students

Live Demo and Download:

Creative CV

Creative CV is a professional design resume HTML template and it is one of the good templates for experienced people. This modern and responsive design template is perfect to showcase your basic details, portfolio, skills and experience.

Live Demo and Download:

Ceevee Free Responsive Website Template

The Ceevee Resume Free Responsive Website Template is the perfect template for showcasing your resume online and it is very responsive.


In the next part, I will explain how we can host our template for free

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