Difference between html and angular console

What is Html?

HTML stands for Hyper text markup language and it is used to create a web page. It has small tags come together to create a web page.All HTML files are written in American stand code for information interchanges(ASCII). Some tags like head,button,checkboxes etc.


Below is the demo code for create a simple the webpage

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Official WebPage</title>
        <h1>Welcome to the page</h1>
        <p>This webpage contains head,body,header,paragraph and break point<br /></p>

Advantages of HTML:

  • HTML is easy to learn
  • It is helps to build structure of a website
  • All browser support html language
  • Its lightweight process and fast to load
  • It is simple to edit as being a plain text

Disadvantages of HTML:

  • It is a static language and it cannot produce dynamic output alone.
  • Html contains limited security features.
  • Many lines of code should be written in order to create a simple webpage.

What is Angular Console:

Angular is an open source front-end framework and it is maintained by google. Angular is a part of the rich javascript ecosystem used for building a mobile application and desktop web applications.

Advantages of Angular console:

  • It is reduce development time
  • Angular is commonly used to build large-scale systems that satisfy the demands of businesses or organizations.
  • Angular is mainly used for creating dynamic web pages.
  • Angular is a single page application that means when a user navigates the application,no page reloading happens.
  • Angular is a more lightweight web application.

Disadvantage of Angular:

  • A major disadvantage of using Angular is the limited SEO options and poor accessibility for search engine crawlers.
  • It is a tough learning curve.
  • Third party integration is exceedingly difficult.
                    HTML                Angular
Html works for whatever we see on the webpageAngular works for what happens behind the page.
HTML create a static webpageAngular create a dynamic webpage
Html contains tags that are buttons,body,p,title etc.Angular framework brings various features like controllers,directives,services and many.
HTML does not contain MVC architectureAngular contains MVC architecture
When compare to angular it is slowAngular reduce development time
HTML is a lightweight processAngular is a more lightweight process

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