Generating Manual Test Cases Automatically

  • Test cases are the most important part for any application and test cases help in maintaining a high quality of the product. 
  • Writing test cases sometimes can be very boring, even though most of the tasks are done through test cases.
  • Moreover, writing test cases will be a tedious task if we have to write multiple test cases in a day. 
  • But writing test cases manually will cover detailed information along with technical words.
  • In order to reduce some burden of writing test cases manually, we can go for generating Manual test cases automatically with the help of one extension called TestCase Studio, without any coding or programming. 

How to generate Manual Test Cases automatically? 

TestCase Studio is an innovative extension developed by Sanjay Kumar to simplify the process of generating test cases automatically. With the help of TestCase Studio extension, we can generate manual test cases automatically in plain English format but not very technical. Whatever activities we will do, we will get test cases in a single click.

  1. First, we need to add the TestCase Studio extension and it is available for all popular browsers i.e.,Chrome ,Firefox ,Opera ,Edge ,Chromium  etc.

         After adding extension, it will be available in extension lists as shown below

  1. Launch TestCase Studio extension / plugin, give a proper test case name, and click on the ‘Start Recording’ button and perform all the activities which we wanted to do.
  2. Once all the activity is done, then navigate to the TestCase studio plugin and click on ‘Stop Recording’ button and we will see all the activity whatever we did in steps format . 
  3. Now we can download test cases and we can use it for any test case management tool i.e.,Jira or test rail. The Screenshot folder will also get downloaded along with test cases.
  4. Only thing we need to do after downloading test cases is to update the actual result column after executing test cases.

    Example : Creating a Gmail Account

If we want to write a test case for creating a Gmail Account, then it will take max 30 mins to cover all areas of Gmail signup. So we can reduce some time in writing test cases by using TestCase studio and we can utilize the same time for testing. 

First, we need to launch TestCase Studio, and click on ‘Start Recording’ button and perform all the Gmail signup actions, and once it is done click on ‘Stop Recording’ button. We will see that all the steps are recorded and we can download those test cases by clicking on the ‘Download Test Case’ button. All the test cases will get downloaded in an Excel sheet, and we just need to update the actual result in the sheet. We can use those same test cases in our day-to-day test case management tools. Anyone who will be executing those test cases just needs to compare actual and expected results, and if it’s not matching then the same can be used to raise issues. Proofs for issues like screenshots and all, we can get it from TestCase Studio itself, and we can upload the same while raising issues so that it will be more helpful for developers.   

  1. Start/Stop Recording Button
  2. Delete Button
  3. Space to write Test Case Name
  4. Test Case Download Button


  • TestCase Studio will automatically capture all user activities and convert them into fully functional test cases.
  • Burden of writing manual test cases will be reduced to some extent.
  • Time taken will be less compared to writing it manually, and it will enhance overall productivity.
  • User-friendly tool.
  • We can get Xpath and css Selector from this tool.
  • We can get screenshots for each and every step. 


  • Applicable only for websites, not for mobile applications.
  • All the Test cases will be generated only in plain English format and we will not get any technical information.


TestCase Studio simplified the process of generating test cases automatically. It  will record all user steps and no need for manual intervention in writing test cases. It will be more useful for all manual and automation testers. TestCase Studio will not require any coding language, and it will facilitate proper communication between the QA and developers, which will lead to faster bug resolution.

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