How to move machine images in Google Cloud Platform from one project to another?

In GCP (Google Cloud Platform), there are various kinds of resources like images, snapshots, vm instances, etc. Sometimes there is a need to move the private images of one project to another project, to create a similar machine. So here are the steps which you can follow to move it from one project to another :


Log in into your GCP console


Create an image in Compute Engine’s Images section


Make sure you have access to the Target Project where you need to move the image.


Go to the Target Project, activate Cloud Shell


Use the below command to move the image

gcloud compute –project=[target-project-id] images create [target-image-name-in-target-project] –source-image=[source-image-name] –source-image-project=[source-project-id]


After the image is moved to the target project, it will be visible in images section of compute engine. Using that you can create vm instance in the project.

Follow the above steps to move the image to diff projects, and create similar machine in different project. This can help you to avoid making mistake while doing the same setup of machine in different projects.

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