Terraform as a DevOps tool (IaC) and benefits (part 1)

Nowadays, the term “Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is very popular. This code is written in the YAML or JSON format and directly deployed in cloud services.

One of the IaC tools is Terraform. It is used for creating and managing existing infrastructure, including versions of stats. Terraform supports many cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. It interacts with the command line in a descriptive way and will even respond to errors with a simple text format.

Terraform is used for generic applications, specific cloud resources, and also to configure data centers. It stores all the applied plans and changes. The IaC configuration files are written in the JSON format. It manages virtual machines and services.

It has many features, such as syntax validation, versioning, and code reusability. Once the configuration file is ready, all other actions performed by the code itself can reduce human interactions and errors, and resource graphs generate a visual representation of configuration or execution plan.

There are many reasons to use Terraform in DevOps. For example, it is used for a quick and efficient way to deliver software.  IaC helps in arranging and managing resources easily. There are many other tools such as Puppet, Ansible, and Chef based on host.

Terraform has many benefits, such as orchestration, and it manages resources with IaC. Terraform configuration parameters and configuration combinations can easily manage and maintain resource changes. It supports cloud infrastructures such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and many others.

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