Testing the loading speed of websites and its importance

For a good user experience, website speed is essential and hence the load time for each page on your site should be monitored. Website speed encompasses the following aspects:

1. The time spent logging in.

2. The time to load a single page.

3. The time it takes for any user interaction, event, or discrete action.

4. The time spent by a browser examining a specific document before displaying it to the end user.

5. The time taken to upload and download files.
Thus we can determine how quickly the website’s content is viewed and interacted with.

Why is page loading testing important?

1. To benchmark the page speed before making any design changes.

2. To maintain seamless and unforced interactions.

3. To ensure that users are able to engage with enough content.

How to perform page loading testing?

We start by checking the website’s current loading speed. Once that’s done, you will have a report that reveals the page speed and potential improvements that can be made. This report serves as a touchstone before making any changes and the same analysis can be run every time there is an update.1. Set up a dedicated load testing environment.
2. Define the page load test scenarios.
3. Estimate the number of users that will interact with the system.
4. Make a note of the connection speed.
5. Test the scenario execution, monitor, and measure the time taken to load the page manually.
In this phase, we create/automate the test scripts, execute them and compare the results. A revalidation would be conducted if there is a discrepancy. Scripting can be done using API/Selenium (API is the recommended method).
6. Compile the results and suggest ways to improve performance if required. Retest if necessary.
To ensure that the page load time has not increased each time an application change is made, benchmark the page load time and compare it against the previously identified metrics. The report can serve as a baseline in this regard.
7. When the timings match, the test case can be deemed pass.

Page loading testing can be used to gauge system performance and determine whether your website or web application matches your requirements. This blog offers insights on how to get started and comprehend the significance of page loading testing.

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