The New AI Assistant: ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT or GPT-3 (Third Generation Pre-trained Transformer) is the Neural Network Machine Learning Model developed by OpenAI. It is trained to use internet data to generate any type of text. It uses both natural language generation and natural language processing to generate & understand human language.

What can ChatGPT do?

ChatGPT is designed to generate realistic human text. It can provide suggestions in coding, write a program from scratch, can suggest SEO friendly titles, meta tags for blogs, and also suggests you some good reference articles to do your research.

Apart from coding tasks, it can also write poetry, essays, stories, and news reports, to name a few, all from just a small amount of text. 

Interface & Examples

ChatGPT has a simple messenger UI like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp,which we are very used to.


We asked ChatGPT to write a code to take user’s name & greet them when they visit the page

And here is the reply we got:

We have the complete code to greet users after asking for their names, and it also explains how the code works.

We asked what is SureMDM?

We also asked it to write an essay on Global Warming:

But It also has some limitations like if we ask for some recent events & It wasn’t able to answer.

It also fails at reasoning. 


ChatGPT is an amazing tool that can help in many ways. Yes, it has some limitations, but we need not worry as it’s still in the development phase so it might get better with time.

Here are some patterns that we’ve noticed:

  • It has extensive knowledge that is not limited to programming or coding.
  • It fails sometimes, but when it fails, it’s usually because of current events or trivial tasks.
  • Instead of only providing the answers, it also provides a very detailed explanation.
  • It can be a great tool if the information provided is verified.

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