What makes Windows 10 easy and handy?

Of Course, nowadays computers make human interaction with machines very easy. But when different operating systems came into existence it is like a jackpot.

Let’s see Windows 10 easy access shortcuts. That helps you to perform tasks within a few seconds. Here we will see very useful shortcuts which make daily tasks more easier.

1. Copy from anywhere and paste from clipboard

We heard the words copy and paste from where we started or used to work with computers. That it reduces your time to write the same word in a document. But when you are working with multiple documents then one copied word can not be useful to other documents and every time when you work with other documents you have to navigate and copy that particular word.

Now, to get rid of it, Windows 10 has a feature called clipboard history. To enable it, steps are given below.

1. Press the windows key, search for clipboard settings and click on it.

2. In the clipboard window, enable clipboard history toggle button.

3. Now you can copy text or images and by pressing windows key + v key, you will get a list of words that you copied and by selecting that word.

2. Accessing multiple virtual desktops in windows 10 by pressing a few keys.

1. If you have multiple tasks for specific categories you can separate virtual desktops for specific tasks. To enable, steps are given below.

2. Cursor on Windows 10 taskbar, click on Task view(looks like Ledger symbol) then click on New desktop.

3. So now either you can select your existing virtual desktop window or you can click on Desktop 2.

4. Now, to swap between two virtual desktops windows. You just press windows key + ctrl key + left key or right key

5. To remove virtual desktop click on Task View and click on Desktop close.

3. If you are lazy to read, then Windows 10 Narrator is for you.

Windows 10’s Narrator is very easy to use.

1. Click on the windows key, search for Narrator.

2. Now, it will read the PC’s screen for you. Further you can point to the Narrator from where to start reading.

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