Which ‘Quick Settings’ Tiles can you control using setQuickPanelItems() in a Samsung Android device

What is a Quick Settings Tile?

Quick Settings Tiles are the individual items in the notification panel that represent several system settings such as Wifi and Bluetooth, which can be accessed at any time.

But what if you want to block these ‘Quick Settings’ Tiles on your device?

In Samsung devices secured by Knox Premium License, setQuickPanelItems() API allows you to control the tiles  that you want to  access in the Quick Settings Panel.You simply need to pass a List of all the tiles you want access for in the Quick Tiles Panel to this API, but what is not clearly stated in the documentation, is that not all the tiles will be controlled.
Suppose you use the API in such a way, as per the documentation

List<Integer> tilesList = new ArrayList<>();
CustomDeviceManager cdm = CustomDeviceManager.getInstance();
SystemManager kcsm = cdm.getSystemManager();

You would expect all the Quick Tiles to be disabled; since the List passed to setQuickPanelItems() is empty. But this is not the case, since the Knox API is only able to control certain tiles depending on the Knox version of the device. 
You can go digging around for each individual tile but I will just provide a list of tiles added in past Knox versions to save you some time and effort.

Note that these tiles will be visible on all Knox versions, but you will be able to control them using setQuickPanelItems() only from the specified Knox versions.

Above knox version 20 :


Above knox version 31 :


Above knox version 32 :


On top of these tiles, there are few tiles that you won’t be able to control at all since there is no constant defined for it in CustomDeviceManager. This may vary from device to device.

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